How To Make Tech Support Easier

It’s that time of year again. Chances are that with the new Blu-ray players, TV sets, computers, and smart phones being received over the holiday season, parents in large groups will be hounding their kids for help. I mean come on, it’s a given!

So the clear answer is to either revisit my previous thought on remote tech support or, instead, take on Google’s answer to this question. Figuring out how to make tech support easier just become a whole lot easier.

The idea is a simple one. Fill in the necessary areas of the Teach Parents Tech Support page, select the problem they need help with, then let the video Google prepared take care of the rest. I am also a fan of how it points out that you (the sender) can provide further assistance with Google Talk through the available video feature.

How To Make Tech Support Easier
Photo by adria.richards

I mean, let’s face it, Skype just keeps dropping the ball lately. First it now costs more to make calls to POTS lines than Google, and now it’s down all day! Clearly, offering tech support via Google makes the most sense as there is nothing for the parents to install to participate in a chat.

The neat features being offered by Google’s Tech Support Care Package include help for stuff like:

  • The Basics. Copy/paste, setting clock, screensaver, wallpaper, etc.
  • Finding information. Checking flight statuses, maps and directions, etc.
  • Media. Sharing pictures, video, attaching files to email, plus a whole lot more.

Everything considered, Google’s is offering a lot of value here. And the inclusion of the video makes learning how to do some otherwise basic stuff a whole lot easier. This is obviously not an instant fix for everything tech related, like I talked about in yesterday’s article. But this is a heck of a good first step to making sure that the holiday season isn’t filled with frustration from those who might not be as tech savvy.