How To Give The Gift Of Free Tech Support

Consider this: giving out free tech support this holiday season in place of buying lots of stuff. One might even label this as giving the gift of free tech support for the holidays. Think about it, patience withstanding, giving away something we all have the ability to share makes a whole lot of sense. If there is something that I think we all have an abundance of is the ability to give of our time to help out others.

Now this is not to say that we cannot also do the other less sung about concepts such as donating money, volunteering at food banks, and other very important contributions. But I do believe that when it comes to spending less on the holiday season with the family, offering our skill set can go a long way.

Not sure how to go about this kind of thing? Try this.

1) Print out “coupons” good for a single or set of given tech related tasks. PC setup, virus removal, whatever. The bonus advantage of this is those you are giving this gift to suddenly visualize the value of giving your time. This, in itself, can be priceless after the holidays pass.

2) Explain to those who are to receive this gift that you wanted to give something of genuine value to them and hope that by offering this gift, it will provide some peace during a turbulent time of year.

3) Not to mince words here, but kids are not the same as we were growing up. Most either have entirely too much or nothing at all, with the line in between being seen as rather fuzzy. So one approach might be teaming up with a local non-profit to refurbish any available older PCs, bundled with the the plethora of free and/or open source video games out there. If you are using Linux, for example, you will find that many of the most heavy video games from the open source space run fine on a P3 with a reasonable video card with nothing fancy needed.

And there you have it. Nothing Earth shattering here; just consider giving something of personal value instead of buying something from the store that is likely to be duplicated. It’s just an idea I wanted to pass on as the Christmas holiday approaches.