How can I find someone’s Facebook password?

So, you say you’re a creepy ex-boyfriend or an untrusting spouse, trying to find someone’s Facebook password? Your roommate is out of town for the weekend and you’re absolutely paranoid she hates you? Or are you afraid your spouse is flirting with a high school sweetheart? Whatever it is, you need to find someone’s Facebook password.

Well, tough luck. You could certainly try to guess their Facebook password based on personal information you know about the account holder. I would be just as morally bankrupt as you seem to be if I were to provide advice helping you to hack someone else’s Facebook account. So, shame on you. Again: there is no way to find someone’s Facebook password.

If you’re concerned about the Facebook account holder being in a bad relationship, try rounding up their closest friends and family and talking to them. If you think they’re involved in otherwise serious (or illegal) trouble, get help – you don’t have to dial 9-1-1, but the local police station can offer guidance and start a report or investigation. And if you think you have gone off the deep end, perhaps seek help yourself. All of these are better options that trying to find someones Facebook password behind their back.

No matter what the situation, though, finding someone’s Facebook password is not the answer to whatever problem you, or they, are facing. Try having a conversation and re-establishing some trust instead.