Web Site Notes – MarkUp

Do you remember the days when you were a kid and enjoyed drawing and coloring on paper? Those memories may be more recent for some of us than others, but they’re still in our brains. These days kids can draw on the Internet, and so can adults, however, the drawing that they do has a professional purpose. For example, instead of sending notes about a Web page through e-mail, why not draw and write them directly on the page to better illustrate your points? MarkUp enables you to share thoughts and ideas as drawings on a Web page.


You don’t need to download anything to use MarkUp. Instead, you just add the MarkUp icon to your bookmarks bar and whenever you’re on a site that you want to draw and write on, you just click on the icon to get started. You can change the pen style, size, and color, and you can add text where you want it to be. When you’re finished, you just publish the creation and send the new URL to others so that they can view what you did and add their input. Who said you had to grow out of coloring and drawing when you got older?