When Will My Phone Get Gingerbread? A Guide For The Most Popular Android Phones

So, Android 2.3 Gingerbread is out, but as of now you can only get it officially on the brand-spanking new Nexus S. As more and more hardware manufactures and custom ROM developers get their hands on the Android Open Source Project version of the Gingerbread source, however, we will start to see versions of Gingerbread for most popular devices. If you don’t know if, when, or where to look for this update, here’s a quick guide, phone by phone.
Samsung Nexus S
Does it have Gingerbread?: Yes!
If you have the Nexus S, congratulations, you have the most up-to-date Android phone on the market today. The Nexus S is the only phone with an OFFICIAL Gingerbread build, so enjoy your phone being the best while it lasts.
HTC Nexus One
Does it have Gingerbread?: Yes, but not an official build

When will it get official Gingerbread?: In the coming weeks
The Nexus One used to be first in line for Android updates, but it seems like it has now taken a back seat to the Nexus S. While Google says that an official update to Gingerbread for the Nexus One will be pushed to phones “in the coming weeks,” homebrew ROM cooker Chris Soyars has packaged the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version of Gingerbread into a flashable .zip file. If you have a rooted Nexus One, follow this thread for instructions, but beware, as the build is far from final.
Motorola Droid
Does it have Gingerbread?: Yes, but not an official build
When will it get official Gingerbread?: Unlikely

While the Motorola Droid is one of the best-selling Android handsets of all time, it’s unlikely that Verizon will be spending the time to update it to Gingerbread–they want you to buy a new phone instead. Luckily the device’s active developer community is coming to the rescue with plenty of custom roms, and while they aren’t the most stable things yet, the Droid is always one of the first phones to get Cyanogen updates, and Cyanogen will definitely be moving to Gingerbread for the next major release, CyanogenMod 7.
HTC Droid Incredible
Does it have Gingerbread?: Yes, but not an official build
When will it get official Gingerbread?: The next few months.

It’s looking like the Droid Incredible will be the first phone on Verizon to receive the Gingerbread Update,┬álikely coming in the next couple of months. HTC is always on top of updating the software for their phones. If you’re wanting some Gingerbread action before the official release and are willing to tread through some bugs, there are custom rooms available.
Samsung Galaxy S Models
Does it have Gingerbread?: No.
When will it get official Gingerbread?: Who knows.

The Samsung Galaxy S line (Captivate, Vibrant, Fascinate, and Epic 4G) don’t even have official Froyo yet. Samsung has been promising it for months, but there has yet to be an official update pushed to any of these devices. So, more than likely, this update will come out in the next few months and then Galaxy S users will play the waiting game again. Will the update come out? Probably. When will it come out? Your guess is as good as mine, as Samsung is notoriously terrible at updating their devices. I wouldn’t surprised if it was the end of 2011 before this update makes it out, but hopefully custom ROM developers will have a working build sooner.