Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS 2008

Hello, and welcome back!

The first thing I would like to say is “Happy New Year!”   I thought I would start off the new year talking about Report Builder 3.0 and SQL Server Reporting Server (SSRS).

Last week I was tasked with installing and configuring Report Builder 3.0 to work with SSRS 2008.  First thing I had to do was to look on the Microsoft website and find the download.  Once I learned it is a stand-alone application I was able to download Report Builder 3.0.

Once I downloaded, installed and configured Report Builder 3.0 to work with my SSRS 2008 server I had received the following error message:

Connection failed.  Unable to connect to the server that is specified in the URL.  Make sure that the server is running, the URL is correct, and you have permission to use the server.

After looking high and low on the Internet and using Google to is maximum capabilities I was able to find out that Report Builder 3.0 is not compatible with SSRS 2008.  Report Builder 3.0 is compatible only with SSRS 2008 R2.  If you need to use Report Builder with SSRS 2008 then you must use Report Builder 2.0.

On a side note, I was not able to find information in BOL, white papers, etc. from Microsoft about the compatibility issues surrounding Report Builder 3.0.  Not only does Report Builder 3.0 not work with SSRS 2008 but also SSRS 2005.  I hope this helps in saving you a lot of time and frustration with trying to get Report Builder 3.0 to work with SSRS 2008 and 2005.