Some Hotmail Users Report Emails Missing from Accounts

It’s not Y2K, but to users of Hotmail, the beginning of 2011 sure feels like it. Many users of the Microsoft Web-based email program woke up this morning to find some, if not all, of their emails missing.

Users of Hotmail alerted Microsoft, and global media, to the problem on Microsoft’s help forums today. Many users found their inboxes entirely deleted, or incoming messages sent to their “deleted” folder. The free Web-based email service is the world’s most used with about 360 million users globally, according to comScore Inc.

Microsoft stated that it believes “At this point it appears to be a limited issue, and Microsoft is working with individual users who are impacted,” according to Microsoft spokeswoman Catherine Brooker. She declined to disclose what caused the glitch.

Could the glitch be related to the new year? This is not the first problem we have seen with the new calendar – iPhone alarm clocks have also be rendered useless until January 3rd. Whether the glitch causing missing emails in Hotmail is cause for concern, and an indication that users should finally consider switching to another service, is yet unseen.

Have you experienced any problems with your Hotmail account today? Do you feel Microsoft is handling the issue appropriately?