How To Prevent Blocked Calls

Nothing is a bigger hassle for mobile phone users than an unknown call. I hate receiving these types of phone calls as you really don’t know if it’s some salesman waiting to sell you something that you really don’t need. It’s annoying, to say the least. Harassing, to say the most. Worse, many platforms like the iPhone are limited as to what you can do to either unmask these hidden numbers or take other actions to make sure you are not being bothered. This brings us to a cool solution called Trapcall.

The concept behind Trapcall is fairly simple. Unmask hidden blocked numbers, in addition to providing you with extra options like:

  • Blacklisting. Keeping those you don’t want to hear from away from your phone and out of your life.
  • Voicemail transcription. A bit like you might find with Google Voice, but available for your actual phone number instead of a Google assigned one.
  • Call recording. Wiretap laws apply here, folks. So unless you have┬áblatant, express permission to record a phone call, don’t use this feature – ever.

    How To Prevent Blocked Calls
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    Now for the fine print. This isn’t going to work with every single carrier. Even more important, there is no free lunch here. This is a subscriber based service. This said, if the issue of unwanted calls is a big enough problem for you and you are using a compatible mobile carrier, then it certainly stands to reason that going with Trapcall makes a heck of a lot more sense than doing nothing at all. What do you have to lose? A few bucks per month? if troubled enough, this pays for itself pretty darned fast I bet.

    Is this the only way to stop blocked calls from reaching your mobile phone? Perhaps not, but from what I have read, this is among the most reliable and compatible of all of the options out there. For my money, this is the approach I am going to be looking into. After all, beats me wasting my time with people who should be leaving me alone instead of spamming me with unwanted, hidden phone calls about nothing.