3 Things You Can Do To Make Your Android Device Faster

After owning my Motorola Droid for over a year, I found the device has gotten quite slow. It would boot slow, and whenever I tried to play games, it would be a choppy mess. I did three things that dramatically improved the speed of my device though. Here are is what I did and how you can do it too.

Disable running services

Start your Android device up and see what is running in the background by default under Settings > Applications > Running services. If you spot something you don’t regularly use, you may want to remove it. I found that StumbleUpon was running regardless of whether I had used it or not. There are also apps you can find in the Android Market that will automatically disable apps from running in the background at startup.

Don’t overdo the widgets

If you have widgets on your Home screen, most of them are constantly trying to get information from the internet. This can slow things down tremendously. Try to limit the widgets you use. Remove widgets by tapping and holding them ofr a couple of seconds, then drag them to the trash.

Root it!

If you root your Android device, it opens it up for some useful modification. I use the Sapphire ROM on my Droid and it’s much faster than the stock Android provided by Verizon. I can also use apps like SetCPU to overclock the device and make it faster.

After doing these 3 things, my Droid is like new. I think I can make t another year using this thing.