Facebook New Messages And Facebook Email Addresses Upgrades By Invite Only

A few days ago, I logged into Facebook to discover what I thought was Facebook beginning to roll out their new messages feature along with Facebook.com email address. Facebook announced these features in November 2010. I was successfully able to upgrade my Facebook messages feature and acquire the email address [email protected]acebook.com, which if used, will direct emails from my friends on Facebook, to my Facebook Messages inbox. Messages from groups and non-friends are directed to an “other” folder.

However, it looks like this wasn’t quite a rollout, but special access given to a limited amount of Facebook users. These users – such as myself – can now invite their Facebook friends to upgrade. The caveat is that Facebook users who were provided special access must have already communicated with a friend and have a previously established thread in their Facebook messages to invite friends to upgrade. For example, I have a few months of conversations with Chris Pirillo, and have the option to invite him to upgrade (and yes, it did make me giggle that I have invite access, and he doesn’t.) However, I have never used Facebook to send a message to Lockergnome’s resident video expert Jake Ludington, and so I can not invite him to upgrade (much to his dismay and scoffing.)

I don’t know exactly what Facebook’s method is here, or what their future plans are to upgrade everyone. However, I have noticed some features disappeared after my initial upgrade, such as the option to manage texts directly from the Messages Inbox, which indicates the feature is probably still in development. Facebook also recently acquired fb.com, which will be used to provide @fb.com email addresses to Facebook staff. Facebook users will receive @Facebook.com addresses.

Have you been invited access to upgrade your Facebook messages? Would you use a @facebook.com email address?