Western Digital Delivers 2.4 Billion In Second Quarter Revenue

The company that is the number one retailer of hard drives delivered solid performance in the second quarter of their fiscal year, besting rival Seagate by a fair amount, though the Seagate profitability was a tad higher.

The amazing thing about all of this is that the shipments of actual drives was up over a year ago, so solid state drives may be nudging their way into the mix, but certainly are nowhere near displacing the lion’s share occupied by spinning platters and magnetic heads.

Western Digital shipped 52.2 million hard drives during its second fiscal quarter, which contributed $225 million. During the same quarter in 2009, WD shipped 49.5 million hard drives.

The dollars are down from a year ago, but only slightly, showing more the competition which is forcing prices down, than the increase of solid state storage ramping up.

Western Digital on Tuesday reported revenue of $2.475 billion for its second fiscal quarter ended December 31, 2010. That’s down slightly from one year ago, in which WD posted $2.619 billion, but the hard drive maker isn’t complaining.

Just a look at the releases thus far this year and it is clear that the outlook is very good  for all drive makers, with the wish for more hard drive space by the average user, and the coming changes in motherboards, moving away from the old style BIOS, allowing for more capacious drives from which to boot the machines.

With nearly all manufacturers having 3 GB drives in the retail channel, and promises of greater areal density on the horizon, we could see 4GB hard drives by the holidays.

With all that is going on, I am frankly surprised that more add-in boards allowing for the huge drives to attach to the current crop of installed motherboards, have not come to market yet.