Video Conferencing On A Mac

When we think of video conferencing these days, we always see the PCs included in the commercials. You know, as if Mac users somehow didn’t exist despite the maddening success of a little product known as the iPhone. The fact of the matter is however, Mac usage is exploding and so is the desire to see the people you’re having a voice conversation with. Video conferencing on the Mac doesn’t have to be an enigma.


Tell me you didn’t see this one coming? Yes, despite the countless options out there, in today’s world Skype remains one of the most commonly used apps available for video conferencing. Let’s face it, everyone has it and most people who own it are loving the fact that it doesn’t matter which platform you happen to be on to use it, either. So if you have family members on the Windows or Linux platform using Skpye, you can call them or have a full on video conference.


Video Conferencing On A Mac
Photo by Gustavo Pimenta

A no-brainer for Mac owners as it’s super simple to use. I mean, let’s face it, this is basically the best video chat software available for the the platform, period. Just plug it in and go. Calling folks using iChat is also dead simple, plus being able to have a conference call with the software is second to none. It’s very simple to do. You can also use iChat to give demonstrations or presentations thanks to the ability to use Keynote slides. It’s very powerful software and not something that should be ignored. Obviously for maximum functionality, two or more iChat users is best despite compatibility with other chat platforms.


One of the best options out there for heavy video conferencing with more than a few people. When you find that you’re about to have a meeting with some 30+ people, this is what I’d be using myself. Because of the fact that it provides cross platform support for everyone, including Mac, not to mention a great way to share/create with one another as well. It’s the total package, a fantastic sweet for enterprise  users or those with a growing small business.