WeatherBug At Android Honeycomb Event

Those of you on the Android platform are undoubtedly aware of the massive shift Google has been pushing Android in recently with their Honeycomb Event. With the update, a whole lot of really cool stuff is coming to fruition for a lot of people. And for my friends at WeatherBug, this means some amazing  application options for Android tablets. But the one thing that was catching attention was how WeatherBug was able to showcase what amounts to an amazing step forward in presenting live weather data on the Android platform. And folks, I mean it’s amazing! But I will let this video from Laptop Magazine speak for itself.

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About the upcoming WeatherBug app

At the recent Google event showcasing Android Honeycomb, Laptop Magazine had a chance to see exactly what WeatherBug was going to be releasing here in the near future for this evolving platform. Note something significant folks, this is not an iPad — this is an Android tablet. With the great advancements made with Honeycomb, such as the inclusion of stacks on the home screen, WeatherBug was given plenty of room to develop a new Android app for the tablet form-factor that is sure to impress all who try it.

One of the things to note from the video is how you can take your finger and sort through different cities to see what the current conditions happen to be. As of this moment, there is no limit to how many locations you happen to choose from. Now with the full on 3D engine working behind the scenes, you will see that this WeatherBug app really becomes something of a centerpiece for the tablet itself. Visually appealing while at the same time, presenting the latest live local weather data as you need it. Like with the stacks on the home screen, you can slide from side to side to get the forecast and current conditions with little more than a brush of the finger.

What about extended forecast data?

While the extended details are designed and ready to go with stuff like “hour by hour” forecasting, WeatherBug didn’t plug it into the app for this demo as they opted to keep their presentations down to something sleek and minimalist. The version of this application that end user will be enjoying, will indeed have those extended functions like the extended forecast.

Another killer feature that is going to have the weather fans drooling is that the Android tablet shown in the video happens to offer a built-in barometer. And yes folks, the WeatherBug app displays this data right there within the WeatherBug application. According to WeatherBug, no other application has offered this feature before.

Additional cool features

The app for Honeycomb will offer access to the WeatherBug HD cam network showing off the latest image captures from weather stations within the surrounding community. Perhaps the most exciting feature however, is how detailed the maps will be within this app release. While all of WeatherBug’s apps for Android and iOS offer great mapping features, this Honeycomb app is going to translate into more granular detail than you ever thought possible.

Where can I get this?

Despite not being available just yet, this WeatherBug app for Android Honeycomb will be released in the near future and is going to be available free and in a paid version as well. The best place to find out when this application is launched will be right here at Inside WeatherBug. Just subscribe to the RSS feed to “stay in the know”!