iPhone 4 Drops Wi-Fi Sometimes

I’ve been dealing with a problem off and on for days now. At first I thought I could prevent my iPhone 4 from dropping Wi-Fi by removing the most recently installed application that I think might have been creating the problem.

So what’s the verdict? I’m seeing mixed results here. While removing my Yammer application did in fact create a working solution for a greater period of time, it turns out that the problem still very much exists.

So what is the cause?

iPhone 4 Drops Wifi Sometimes
Photo by Inchka

I am running iOS 4.2.x (whichever the latest update is) and I have found, without question, that this is not a problem with my router. This a problem with the iPhone’s ability of both dropping Wi-Fi and completely losing track of all surrounding wireless access points. This means the entire neighborhood just vanishes.

Fixing the issue is more of a workaround as I have to restart the phone. Seems to be affected the most easily with select Internet using applications running in the background. Facebook, Twitter, stuff like this appears to be related… although not directly.

Why an article on this?

I was amazed and pissed off by the lack of clear instances on this issue being found within Google or anywhere on the Apple Web site. Despite the fact that I once was troubleshooting hardware for a living, I was not finding others having exactly the same issue. Worse is if they were, it was poorly documented and lacked the following data.

  • Wi-Fi drops from iPhone 4 w/iOS 4.2.x(latest)
  • All previously available networks disappear from iPhone wireless network screen
  • Router verified working well and tested with various channels just to be safe, plus with other wireless access points throughout the city.

    With any luck, my sharing this info will help others to get Apple to realize that this is indeed a bug, and that calling Apple Care to be dismissed and told to “restart my router” isn’t the fix needed. Apple needs to actually consider the fact that it does, indeed, have a bug that needs to be addressed.