Dude, Could We (Er, Dell, That Is) Be Gettin’ An AMD?

That is what is being reported as only rumor at this point, first from Barron’s, and then through Maximum PC.

The thought of Dell, the company that wouldn’t give AMD processors the tumble because of a complex deal (some said price fixing scam), buying out AMD is really staggering.

Though the Maximum PC article gives it little credence, the originating article in Barron’s seems to give it more than a fair chance of possibility, citing that the rumor was enough to make AMD shares jump by almost 50 cents today.

The idea is not so far fetched if you look at the idea that Dell wants badly to be number one in every way, and that owning AMD, with its newest processor line, the video line which used to be ATi, and the ARM processors which are rumored to be on the way, makes it very sensible for Dell to make the attempt.

If Dell acquired AMD (which would take a heap of interesting financial arranging) it could make huge inroads against rivals H-P and Acer. The possibility of owning the top spot as a supplier of computer goods would be much easier with AMD being owned rather than simply cooperated with.

Dell laptops with Brazos processors would clean up against similar Intel Atom equipped units. Opteron-equipped Dell servers could give Intel fits, especially if the upcoming Bulldozers are half the chips they are rumored to be. And Dell could get into a good place in the mobile and tablet market with the ARM architecture SoC’s and more Brazos processors.

The only real need for Dell to have Intel processors would be at the top end – and perhaps only for a short time, as the influx of cash from Dell could give the R&D department of AMD a real boost.

As the two articles have said, it is probably only wishful thinking on the part of some, but on the other hand, stranger things have happened.