Who Were the Best Companies at Launch?

The first Launch conference came to a close this evening, with about 50 companies launching products from the Launch stage. A Grand Jury made up of 13 judges representing a who’s who of Silicon Valley and the greater technology community. I’ll spoil the surprise and let you know up front, Adeo Ressi awarded Best Overall Launch 1.0 company to Room 77. We’ve all stayed in a bad hotel room, Room 77 is trying to prevent that in the future.

Launch conference

Launch Pad awarded

Robert Scoble presented the Most Likely to Be Acquired in the Next 100 Days award to Shoe Fitter, a site that makes it easy to figure out your correct shoe size when you’re shopping for shoes online. Zappos seems like the most likely buyer.

Jose Callaber is giving the award for Best Design Launch Pad award to Pen.io, an online document creation service that makes it easy to create and share web pages.

Don Dodge presented Best Technology Launch Pad award to Fluid Info, a metadata service that I don’t quite have my head around, but it seems like it could change the world.

Ryan Block presented Best Business Launch Pad award to GripeLine, a company that enables customer feedback via SMS shortcodes.

Bill Warner presented Best of the Launch Pad award to greenGoose, a company that’s adding game mechanics to the Web of Things.

Launch 2.0 awarded

Mark Pesce awarded Best Launch 2.0 Technology to Disconnect, a company that makes a Chrome plugin to protect your privacy.

Jay Levy awarded Best Launch 2.0 Design to Hipmunk, an iPhone app that makes visualizing flight times easier.

Naval Ravikant awarded Best Launch 2.0 Overall Company to StackOverflow Career 2.0, the new Stack Exchange job search site. For those who are wondering how StackOverflow will be monetized, Career 2.0 seems to be it. From overhearing a discussion at Launch, I understand this has a 9-figure valuation.

Launch 1.0 awarded

Brian Alvey awarded Best Presentation to Launch 1.0 company LifeProof, which makes a life proof iPhone case. I don’t see why the world needs anther iPhone case, but the presentation was definitely among the best of the show.

Bill Lee awarded Best Business Model to Launch 1.0 company Volta, an a/b testing service for telemarketing sales scripts.

Shervin Pishevar awarded Best Design to Launch 1.0 company Cabana, an iPhone application development platform.

Harvey Best Technology to Launch 1.0 company NeuAer, for its Toothtag application for tagging Bluetooth devices.