How To Back Up Your Gmail

With the recent Gmail outage, a lot of people have been rethinking how much trust they want to into a web based email service like Google’s Gmail. After all, it’s clear as day that it is fallible after all. So it would behoove Gmail enthusiasts that want a reliable email experience to take some precautions.

Backing it up

The key to not pulling your hair out when dealing with web based email services is taking advantage of their POP functionality, when offered. This easily allows you the ability to download the physical email into the email client of your choice.

IHow To Back Up Your Gmail
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This works well with clients such as Thunderbird, since I can plug in the Gmail POP server info and instantly download email from there. This not only provides the user with instant access to their Gmail email, but it also happens to be a strong way of getting the content off the server. This way if something goes terribly wrong, you’re not losing all of that precious email.

Added benefits – backup of the backup

One other great benefit of using an email client like Thunderbird to backup Gmail accounts is that you can then setup cloud based backup services like Mozy or JungleDisk to back up the data file for Thunderbird, offsite.

Taking this approach not only backs up the email safely, it does so as to ensure that even if the computer should become damaged, those precious messages are kept safe and sound.

Paid Gmail backup

If instead you’d rather simply opt for an easy set it and forget it type of backup solution, then consider using Backupify. If you want reliable daily backups, you will want the second tier option provided for about $5 per month. The free option is only offered weekly and leaves your Gmail account susceptible to loss during the rest of the week.