The Best Backup Battery for iPhone 4 is the Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin

With a new iPhone 4, a busy schedule and an impending 12-day trip to SXSW, I was recently in the market for a great battery pack. I have seen solutions utilized by other Lockergnome staff, such as the external battery carried by Chris and the MyTouch 4G PowerSkin that Jake uses. Not inclined to carry an additional battery pack, I decided to try Energizer’s Energi to Go PowerSkin Portable Case Charger for the iPhone 4. Let me just say – I am impressed.

The Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin is slimmer, even at first glance, than similar cases for other products, such as the MyTouch 4G. While not too thick, the silicone rubber case is sturdy and fits perfectly over both the ATT and Verizon iPhone 4, with the exception of extra room at the bottom for charging. All other features of the iPhone 4 are accessible while using the case, including volume, power, sound, and camera functions.

The Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin case powers your iPhone 4, so you can’t use the standard iOS power cords while your iPhone 4 is protected and powered by the case. The case is powered by a standard microUSB cable, though, so you can use a microUSB cord to not only charge both your case and iPhone 4 at the same time, but use it to sync your iPhone 4 while it is in the Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin. Any wall charger using microUSB technology works for charging as well, so all previous Android owners shouldn’t throw away their accessories just yet.

The best part about the Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin for use as a backup battery for the iPhone 4 is, of course, its function as a backup battery. It is nearly impossible to drain this battery, let alone the iPhone 4 while using it with the Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin. After starting with a full charge on both the iPhone 4 and the Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin, I was only able to reduce the battery of the the case by 60% after constantly watching movies, listening to music, and texting and emailing for seven hours. The battery on the iPhone 4 was never, at any point, depleted.

Other cases on the market are great for light recreational use. The Energizer Energi to Go PowerSkin is not only a great case, but also a solid battery backup that lives up to what you expect from a brand with the slogan, “it keeps going and going…”