One and A Half Men – Charlie Sheen Fired!

As comic Andy Borowitz stated in his eponymous Report, the unemployment has gone up in Los Angeles by Two and A Half Men.

He was kidding on February 28, when the post went out, but the story came true (for Charlie Sheen anyway) today.

My feelings are mixed about the wild style of Sheen, and it can be endlessly debated what is right or wrong with him these days, but the point of the matter is that CBS, Warner Brothers Television, and Chuck Lorre are all nuts for firing him.

As long as he could move and deliver lines, he was golden to all of those entities – else they would not have been paying the hyper inflated price for the man’s services per episode. No one gets more than they are worth is an old adage, and in this case it was true.

Sheen was not the entire show in the beginning, and while Jon Cryer is one of my favorite actors, becoming so after I saw the movie “Hiding Out” long ago, his talents are best used playing off Sheen in this show, as are all the rest of the cast. Putting Sheen’s semi-outrageous behavior on television behind the façade of someone named Charlie Harper was brilliant, and though I’m sure that series creator Chuck Lorre would like to take credit for it, it has appeared to me that the show was a natural evolution of more Sheen coming to the surface, and more of the original Harper being sublimated.

The rest of the cast must be devastated, as it is certain they were all making bank on the coattails of Sheen’s lead. Every one of the regular cast is brilliant at playing off Sheen, and perhaps that is attributable to Lorre’s writing, give them their due, as they delivered the lines.

I will miss the show, and I will continue to watch the re-runs now and then, as they will always be funny, in a way that no other show on television is right now. I am sure I was not the only one looking forward to the reinvigoration of the show, after a period of staleness, with the story line bringing what appeared to be a genuine romance between Charlie and Rose, his constantly-at-the-ready-to service-all-his-needs long time stalker/neighbor.

Bearing that in mind, you might think that CBS at least, would have tried a bit harder to fix what was clearly broken.

Now, there is news that the show may continue, without Sheen. Much as that would be nice for the other working actors, who deserved better, from Sheen , the network, and from the production company, to continue, putting anyone, and in my opinion especially John Stamos, into that role would be like putting Pee Wee Herman into a remake of a Charles Bronson flick.  (Talk about a Death Wish!)

That would just humiliate the other actors, and show what buffoons there are running network television, as it would elucidate the attempt to be purely based upon greed, and the possibility of beating a limping horse to death for all the world to see. The so-called Tiffany Network obviously does not subscribe to the thought that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Good night, Two and A Half Men; it was a superb run!