Buying A Refurbished Computer Online

Time for a new computer? Thinking about buying a refurbished computer online instead? Better do some research before diving head first into that bucket! While it’s true there are some benefits to buying refurbished products, there are also some fairly significant pitfalls as well. Are the products “hot” or stolen? What kind of history does the company provide with regard to any potential support needed down the line? Also, would this same computer be almost the same price brand new, thus delivering better value?

Think big brands

Whenever possible, try to purchase refurbished computers from trusted vendors. Apple, etc., whomever can deliver the promise of the product you order in good working order. I’d say Dell in this list, but it has a history of failure based on my personal experience… so I’d avoid it like the plague. Dell does okay in the enterprise space. But anything within the consumer market and you’ll be treated like a second class citizen.

The advantages of buying refurb generally comes down to when you’re buying a number of “units.” So if I were purchasing 10 or more notebooks, for example, then clearly there would be room for some bulk savings there. You may have to negotiate a bit, though.

Buying A Refurbished Computer Online
Photo by lejoe

Think big warranties

If you think even for a second about purchasing refurbished computers online without a warranty, you’re begging for trouble. It’s critical to have some kind of warranty for computer hardware that you purchase unless you simply enjoy throwing away money on “as is” merchandise. While the as is approach works in some markets, I don’t think it’s a good plan when purchasing computer equipment. Just my opinion on the matter.

Think cost effectiveness

Remember that in the end, used and refurbished doesn’t always translate into the strongest value overall. The idea that buying something used being cheaper is complete nonsense. The fact is, sometimes it can cost you less in the long term by simply opting to purchase the same product brand new. It may cost more up front, but buying new can often save you a lot of frustration if you’re brand new to the world of buying refurbished products. My advice: start off small and slowly climb the ropes until you’re familiar with what to expect when buying refurbs.