How To Read QR Codes with Your iPhone

QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere. These square codes, which are commonly found in storefront windows and on cash register counters, contain code that function like a bar code. When they are read, or scanned, with QR Reader on a smartphone, the code instantly directs you to a Facebook or webpage, or translates the code to text or a phone number that you can call right from your phone. If you find a QR code and want to scan it, here’s how to read QR codes with your iPhone:

1. To read a QR code with your iPhone, download a QR code reader for your iPhone. The best app I found for reading QR codes is QR Reader for iPhone , available for free in the Apple iTunes App Store. QR Reader allows you to point-and-shoot any QR code of any size and shape. Found a QR code made of circles instead of squares? QR Reader works with those, too. There are dozens of other QR code readers available for the iPhone, but QR Reader stands above the rest for its archival and sharing functions. All QR reads are stored so you can access the data from each read in the future, and each scan can be shared via e-mail, sms, Facebook, and Twitter. The data from each scan also be copied.

2. To scan a QR code with your QR cod reader, such as QR Reader, find a QR code and point at it with your iPhone camera, using the QR reader app of your choice. Some QR reading apps will automatically recognize the QR code and capture the code without having to point-and-click . Others, like QR Reader, require a manual capture of the code with the iPhone camera.

3. Once captured, the QR code will automatically direct you to a Facebook, FourSquare, or web page, or provide a phone number or snippet of text right to your iPhone via your QR code reader.