Microsoft – It’s Hard To Understand When It Speaks From The Wrong Orifice

The fact that Internet Explorer was taken down at the expo known as Pwn2Own makes no difference, for Microsoft is telling the ears that will hear that Internet Explorer 9 would not have been “owned” by any techniques used at the gathering.

It’s easy to speculate in the affirmative when no actual evidence is available. It is as if I say I can fly, but am not available for demonstration – you probably know that I cannot (without some assistive device), but since I make myself unavailable for demonstration, that is where it stands.

The representatives of Microsoft, seeing that their gold version of Internet Explorer 9 is to be released in three days, should have whipped up a custom version (How hard is it to take the existing code, check for blatant errors with a few sets of eyes, and compile?) to take there, so as to stop all the speculation, and put their browser where their mouths are.

In response to the Pwn2Own results, Microsoft representative Jerry Bryant said in an e-mail to, “The vulnerability [discovered at Pwn2Own] was addressed in … Internet Explorer 9. This update is already in the pipe for down level-versions of Internet Explorer.”

What better way to begin the life of a new and ostensibly life-changing browser, than to show it off at a gathering where the elite can give it their best shots? Is that not the point of the thing?

Microsoft should have been there, the team should have been there to either grab the accolades or take the knocks – all the other browser purveyors were.

If the purpose of building a better browser, finally, after nearly 20 years, is to show that your company can do it, and is among the elite of modern day programming, then all necessary effort should have been expended to make the show, and force the issue taken with earlier versions.

After all, the company has had a full year to get the bugs out, and the fanboys expected a proper showing… why did they not get it?