How To Get More Value From Facebook

Like most of you, I am a user of the Facebook social network. Most days I have mixed feeling about it, try to keep my privacy intact when using it. And I also remember everything posted to Facebook is seen by everyone following me. So it’s best to use a little it of restraint whenever possible.

Facebook privacy settings are pointless

Think you have a good handle on your Facebook privacy? Well think again. Take a gander at Just type in some user names and see what their friends see.

Services like YouOpenBook prove that your privacy on Facebook is a farce. The sooner you realize that Facebook is no different than Twitter with respect to level of viewability of your profile content, the better.

Benefits making Facebook more useful

How To Get More Value From Facebook
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– Remove Facebook ads: Enter Facebook Cleaner, the ad remover. Great for never having to again deal those incredibly off-topic Facebook ads.

– Know when you’re being blocked: Using X-Friends, you can find out who is avoiding you by blocking your profile.

– Get Facebook emails via email: That’s right, never subject yourself to the addictive page again. Just use email with a service called NutshellEmail.

Use Facebook, but use it on your terms

So there you have it. Not only a wakeup call about how dangerous Facebook privacy issues can be, along with some additional features that I believe makes using Facebook more useful.

In the end, the usage of Facebook should be an experience we rely on with our own terms, not just those of the advertisers or the maintainers of the network itself. Not doing so, only creates more issues as Facebook becomes more powerful.