How Can I Tell Who Searches for Me on Facebook?

Many Web sites and blogs today feature the ability to incorporate analytics to track who is searching for content on their Web site or blog, and exactly what search terms led them there. However, Facebook does not allow such analytics to be added to user profiles on Facebook, and so Facebook users are unable to tell who searches for them on Facebook.

However, should you be concerned about who is searching for you on Facebook, you can visit the Privacy Settings page to control who can find you in searches and what they can see about you on Facebook. Once you are on the Privacy Settings page, click “View Settings,” listed under the first module, “Connecting on Facebook.” From here you can control the options people have when they find you in search results on Facebook, such as the ability to add you or send you a message.

Facebook has recently also allowed users the option to control whether their profile is displayed in public search listings — such as when someone searches for you on Google or Bing. Facebook users can change this setting by clicking on “Edit Your Settings” under “Applications and Websites” at the bottom of the Privacy Settings page. Then, scroll down to the section “Public Search,” click on “Edit Settings” and uncheck the box on the next page to prevent Facebook from generating a listing of your profile in public searches.

While these settings will not help you tell who searches for you on Facebook, the Privacy Settings on Facebook will provide you more control over who is able to search for you.