Linux Tablet PC With MeeGo

There has been a whole lot of hoopla around both the iPad 2 and the various Android options out there. Perhaps worse is that Android is what is representing us within the Linux space at the moment. And I think that is unfortunate as Android has yet to be as effective on the tablet as it could be.

This brings us full forward to where Nokia is headed. Deeply interested in working with Microsoft, we then found the mobile company throwing us a curve ball by looking not to Windows but MeeGo to run on its upcoming tablets! It turns out that this is exactly where Nokia is taking things forward. It plans on using MeeGo. Okay, publicly Nokia is “considering” MeeGo, but I think anyone who has been paying attention can read between the lines. MeeGo is ready now. Windows, no so much.

Linux Tablet PC With MeeGo
Photo by joone4u

What is MeeGo?

The MeeGo project is a joint endeavor between Intel and Nokia. For those who remember back a little further, MeeGo is actually related to the once Nokia focused Maemo project, based on Linux. This is good in the sense that provides more Linux based solutions on a form factor that is in my estimation in great danger of being labeled Android and iOS only.

MeeGo challenges

With all of the positive things said about using MeeGo, there are some things that we need to be concerned about. The biggest issue in my mind is the same thing Microsoft is struggling with and that is gaining new app developers to come its way. While everyone and their mother is creating software for iOS and Android, this isn’t the case with other options. I fear that at some level, MeeGo on a tablet could face the same problem.

Now this isn’t to say that a specialized MeeGo tablet couldn’t be a hit, but the fact that Nokia going with Android is where the smart money is, why over-complicate the issue?