iPad A Disappointment

I know a number of people out there who rushed out to buy the first iPad, many of them wondering if it would be everything the iPhone was for them. To be honest, the reactions apparently were a bit mixed.

Did the iPad 2 address these problems? I have found that while new features were added and some other improvements were made, there are still some issues that might have been overlooked. At least, this is why I wanted to find out about. What I found is detailed below.

1. Add-ons. Come on, who really needs to buy a special keyboard just to have something tactile to use on the iPad?  Seems kind of silly. Has this been resolved with the iPad 2? Well, last time I looked, no. You’re still going to need to get a separate keyboard unless you like holding your neck at a weird angle and typing.

2. It’s just a big iPhone. The iPad 1 offered nothing all that compelling that made anyone think of anything other than it being a huge iPhone. With the iPad 2… you know have a camera. If you love your iPhone, you’ll love the iPad because it’s… less portable?

iPad A Disappointment
Photo by smemon87

3. No HDMI connections. Heck, one might think that the iPad would have offered this! Sadly, the iPad 2 also fails here. But at least there is plenty of room for extra purchases, like a new AV adapter by Apple. While I am not thrilled about this, it is nice that Apple is providing some option here.

4. If memory serves me, the iPad 1 wasn’t released with multitasking. At least this is what I’ve been told. Considering both versions of the iPad offer multitasking, this is almost a moot point now. Besides that, the real difference now is that the iPad 2 offers faster multitasking. Guess we can thank the newer iOS releases for slowing down the older iPad model?

Is it even worth it?

So is it worth your time to even bother with an iPad? To be honest, I will take a netbook any day of the week. While it might not be as sexy, having used both the iPad and a netbook, the netbook just does more. Then again, there is always room for the iPad 3 to perhaps sway me. But as an iPhone 4 owner, I’m not looking for a larger model of the same basic device.