How To Log in to a Westell Router

How To Log in to a Westell RouterYou’re looking across the room at your Westell router and wondering how you grew apart. When the relationship began, it was like you were seeing the world through love-colored glasses. Everything within sight was sharp and beautiful, and your router — oh, what striking features! The angles, oh, the angles!

You knew the key (and the user name and password) to its heart, and you were always welcome to log in to the Westell router whenever you were feeling a little blue and in need of cheering up. It never berated you for hanging out with your pals into the wee hours occasionally, because it always knew you were coming home to it. There was trust, wasn’t there? A gentle, unspoken kindness between you — a bond that could never be weathered flat by the cold, uncaring world outside.

Ah, those were good times. But that was then and this is now, and you can’t log in to your Westell router anymore. When, oh, when did the pinnacle of your passion subside into a deep valley of apathy? As effortlessly as your torrid love affair began, so too did the swift, invisible descent into a parlor painted in this ever-darkening gradient of lassitude — it’s the only color you can ever see now.

Under heel were crushed the love-colored glasses from days of yore to be replaced with a bland blindness to details; you cast a banal glance at the Westell router, and it lends you back an unwinking, glassy stare. If only you could rekindle the fire you once shared before it’s extinguished forever. If only you could find the flippin’ manual that you lost when you moved to your new house last summer, you might be able to log in to your Westell router and make everything right again!

But maybe there’s still hope, yet? Before resigning with a shrug and a sigh, try this:

  1. In your Web browser of choice, type into the URL field.
  2. When prompted, type in User Name: admin / Password: password. If this doesn’t work, try User Name: admin / Password: admin.
  3. If neither of these options work, you may have to reset your Westell router back to its factory settings. Your Westell router won’t mind, though, because it’s like you’re returning it to the days of its youth!Alas, it will no longer remember the times you spent together, or the special settings you shared, but it’s a fresh start! The fallen, rotten apple returns to re-ripen on the tree of its childhood, and you can reboot your love anew!It’s pretty simple to do, too. Just look for a hole in the back of the Westell router (it may even point itself out to you with a polite “reset” label). Inside of that hole is a button; use the end of an unbent paper clip, the tip of a pen, or possibly a thumbtack to press the button (with the router on) for ten seconds.

    When it restarts, try the user name / password combinations above again. If you still can’t get in, please leave a comment below and we’ll try and figure it out together!

How To Log in to a Westell Router