Free VPN Software

There is a common misconception that finding a decent way to VPN into a secure network requires massive resources, an IT dept, among other goodies most of us don’t have immediate access to. Now what if I was to tell you about a product that not only addresses this problem, but does so with a free option in addition to the more advanced paid version? Interested? Wait, it gets better. What if I mentioned this VPN product didn’t require a lot of know how? Ah, now that’s the sweet spot we’ve all been looking for!

Introducing LogMeIn’s Hamachi²

Unlike most VPN tools out there, you’re not needing enterprise level VPN access to make the magic happen. Assuming you’re taking the free approach, you can run in unmanaged mode and create a sweet little mesh network between you and your friends within a matter of minutes. The really cool part that should you need to grow things a bit, you can migrate to the managed option later on and gain access to much stronger deployment/management functionality.

Free VPN Software
Photo by Digital Terrorist

It runs on practically anything

Hamachi² will run on both Windows and OS X, but I was also pleasantly surprised to learn they have a beta Linux app out as well.  This software is truly, VPN without the hardware headaches. It really is a VPN client that just works. This means you can create a VPN in minutes instead of hours. Provide yourself among others, safe network access while traveling to new areas on unsecured networks. The data traveling back and forth is secure, based on what you’d expect in standard VPN technology.

Is this a replacement for enterprise VPN?

No, not really. While the paid version of the software would be fantastic for a small/medium business looking for a straight forward means of managed VPN access, this isn’t merely a dumb client designed for standard access. Instead, this is a better solution than most of the existing options out there. Why? Because it’s likely that if you’re connecting to a company VPN, there are allowed clients you should be using and this isn’t likely to be it.