How to Make a Great Twitter Avatar

Twitter is a great place to share and find news, gossip, or updates from your favorite celebrities. It is also a good place to network to find job and internship opportunities. If you are going to use Twitter for professional purposes, it is important that your Twitter profile is well-developed and appropriate – including your Twitter avatar, also known as your Twitter profile picture. It should go unsaid that your Twitter avatar should always be a picture of you, but this is especially true if you are using Twitter to expand your social and professional network. There are, however, several other things you should consider when making your Twitter avatar.

Here is how to make a great Twitter avatar (and avoid making a bad one):

  • You should not post pictures of yourself on Twitter that include someone else. This is confusing and profile pictures are too small to include two people into a tiny avatar. Free software programs are readily available on the internet to help you crop the other person out.
  • Don’t use a drunken photo as your Twitter avatar that you can’t remember being taken, either, as well as photos taken in your bathroom. No matter how cute you think you look in your bathroom mirror, MySpace shots are so 2008, and were really only good for MySpace. These types of photos don’t belong on Twitter as your Twitter avatar.
  • Using photos from 2008 as a Twitter avatar is also a bad idea. Use a recent picture that shows who you are now – not who you were in college. Using a Twitter avatar that makes you look like you are (still) underage is also likely to attract questionable “followers” who will spam you and otherwise annoy you.
  • Don’t use a Twitter avatar that gives anyone the “wrong idea” – especially if you are using Twitter to expand your professional network. Any picture up a skirt or down a shirt fits this bill – unless your professional network involves pictures up skirts and down shirts, of course.
  • And, of course, like I said before – use a photo of you as your Twitter avatar.