How To Win An iPad

Nothing in life could possibly be free, right? Well how about at a huge savings to the end user? Sounds unlikely, right? Truth be told, very little is truly available in this world without some kind of exchange of time/money/favors/etc. So the idea of winning something cool like an iPad, might appear to be a bit far-fetched to most folks. But what if I was to tell you that there is a growing phenomena in which people are indeed winning drastically discounted merchandise at a rate unseen anywhere before?

Enter the shady world of penny auctions

Despite the controversy that surrounds this new way of participating in a fast paced auction environment, I can tell you first hand that if you understand the risks, realize you will lose sometimes, you can nail some significant bargains. Just the other day my wife scored an iPad for next nothing. Bear in mind, the idea isn’t to pump tremendous amounts of cash into buying bids when dealing with penny auctions. Let the suckers do this. Instead, training with low-interest auctions is advice to get the hang on things first. If you do things right, you will spend less than the product is worth.  A lot less. That said, winning is NOT for the faint of heart and without some experience, you can lose your shirt fast.

How To Win An iPad
Photo by yto

My point above is that unlike the various ads you see promising you a free iPad, the best bet is going to generally be to pay for it. Whether than be via a penny auction, off of Ebay or simply driving down to the big box store. However you do it, chances are at least some funds are being spent in your effort to acquire a new iPad.  That’s right – don’t expect a free ride.

Winning an iPad is possible. But I have serious doubts that it’s going to happen at no cost. Look at all of your option and ponder this. Consider a penny auction. While it’s certainly not a sure thing, we have a living room full of stuff valued at over $2k that was acquired for less than $200, including shipping. Among this stuff, an iPad (v1).