Email Clients For Mac

As fantastic as using the default mail client offered by Apple may happen to be, it should be noted that there is a world of possibility out there ready to be discovered. In short, there are other great mail clients for the Mac. You simply have to be open to them. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the best clients I know of and show off some of the reasons why I think they’re worth a second look, even if you’ve considered them once before.

Thunderbird – Easily one of the strongest and most trusted email clients on any operating system, I happen to think it’s way under rated by most people. The thing to realize here is the following. First, Thunderbird is extendable. Perhaps not in making it longer, but rather in being able to add in additional functionality with minimal effort. Thanks to Thunderbird add-ons, you can integrate calendaring, RSS, plus a host of other goodies.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by juergenfenn

Zimbra desktop – Without a doubt, a strong alternative to those folks who are looking for a solid PIM suite from which to dump their existing solution with. As you can see from this feature comparison, there is a lot going for Zimbra that leave me thinking that you’d be a fool to not at least give Zimbra a strong second look. Some outstanding benefits include the strong Google Calendar and address book support. Did I mention this was a theme friendly PIM, by chance?

Even more alternatives?

Having one through half a dozen alternatives to Apple Mail, I have found that most of them stink. The two solutions above are the only two options I feel really good about for OS X users. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some alternatives I may not be aware of, but at the very least we know that each of the two solutions above will provide a solid, stable experience for someone looking to get away from Apple Mail.