Post Anonymously to Twitter with @AnonTttr

Ever wanted to tweet something without anyone knowing you said it? Now you can do everything you normally can in 140 characters or less without even having your own Twitter account with @AnonTttr – an app developed by “TheFox”, a developer in Austria, which uses Twitter’s API to allow anyone to post to the @AnonTttr Twitter account. @AnonTttr was developed over the weekend, and though it was off to a slow start, the account is quickly starting to become more active, though potentially a dumping ground for spam. That said, “TheFox” wonders why no one has had a similar idea before.

post anonymously to twitterIf you would like to try @AnonTttr and post anonymously to Twitter, visit ¬†the Anonymous Twitter website and enter your tweet in 140 characters or less. Then, successfully enter the captcha¬†– to prove you aren’t a bot – and click the “Tweet” button. Your Tweet will then be posted to the @AnonTttr stream and can be viewed at You can even use this function to carry on a Twitter conversation anonymously if you watch and reply to any responses to your anonymous tweet using the anonymous app at Anonymous Twitter website.

Of course, using Twitter anonymously can seriously water down the credibility of anything you say, since the statement or proposition of each tweet is coming from an anonymous source. As a result, there’s really no point in getting into a debate anonymously on Twitter. On the flipside, anything that is legitimately threatening can always be tracked back to you anyways, so there’s really no point in using Twitter anonymously for this purpose either. That said, if you happen to have a serious crush on someone else using Twitter, and feel like dropping them a mention might make the connection you so desperately need, then @AnonTttr could be just for you.

Would you tweet anonymously with @AnonTttr? Would you like the option to use social media anonymously more often? Let us know what you think in the comments.