How to Delete Search History in Windows XP

Most web browsers keep a history of what web pages you have visited, as well as search and download history. This information is usually stored in the temporary internet files on your computer in the form of cookies, browsing history and cached webpages. These files are often unnecessary, and can slow your computer down if there are too many. You may also want to clear this history and tracking data if you share a computer with roommates or family, or if use a computer at work that others can access. If you use a computer running Windows XP, deleting your search history is relatively easy. Regardless of what web browser you use, here is how to delete your search history on a computer running Windows XP.

  1. Click the Start button the bottom left corner of your screen. This will pull up the start menu. The start menu will have two columns, and you will want to look at the one on the right side. In the middle of that column will be a screen with a checkmark on it with the title of “Control Panel.” Click it.
  2. Look for the “Internet Options” icon- it looks like a globe with a screen with checkmarks on it. Once you find it, double-click on it to open up the Internet Options.
  3. The next window that pops up should be called “Internet Properties.” There will be 7 tabs on this window – click on the tab titled “General” to open it. After you open it, there will be more options to choose from, including “Home Page,” “Browsing History” and “Appearance.” Choose “Browsing History”.
  4. Then,click the button that says “Delete.” The next screen should say “Delete Browsing History.” Go the bottom of this menu and click “delete all.” When it prompts you, click “yes.” This will delete your search history on Windows XP.