How to Change Page Margins in Microsoft Word

In the following tip, you’ll learn how to set and view page margins in Word 2010.

Margins are the blank space around the edges of a document. Sometimes page margins are empty and other times they contain elements such as document headers, footers, date, page numbers, etc. Page margin settings control the amount of blank space within the margins. You can change the page margins in Microsoft World to customized your Word document for specific project requirements.

In Microsoft Word 2010, it’s simple to change the page margin settings of your document. In fact, Word already includes some predefined page margin settings so you only need to select the predefined page margin setting that meets your requirements.

To change page margins in Microsoft Word 2010 using one of the predefined page margin settings follow these steps:

  1. With your Word document open, click the Page Layout tab in Word 2010.
  2. Within the Page Setup group, click Margins. The list of predefined page margins appears.
  3. Word - Change Page Margins

  4. From the list, select the page margin setting you want to use in your Word document.

Word applies the predefined margin settings you selected in step 3 to your document.

Note: More advanced users can select the Custom Margins option and manually change page margin settings.

It’s not always easy to see where the page margins are in a document. If you want to see the page margins, Word can display dotted lines to represent text boundaries. However, you first need to change the setting in Word to reveal the page margins, as described below.

  1. With your Word document open, click the File tab and then click Options.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Under Show document content, click Show text boundaries.

The page boundaries are displayed as dotted lines around the edges of the text in your Word document. You can view the page margins as they will appear in your published document by switching to Print Layout or Web Layout view.