TweetDeck for iPhone 2.0 App Released, Brings Interface Updates and Columns

TweetDeck, the Twitter app of choice for the most serious of Twitter users, has updated its iPhone app to version 2.0. TweetDeck 2.0 is less of an update and more like an entirely new Twitter client, bringing an interface update and tons of new features, further cementing its position atop the pile of Twitter apps for the iPhone.

The initial release of TweetDeck for iPhone was fairly lackluster and most users dropped it after five minutes. The columns that are the most essential part of the desktop TweetDeck app were missing, and the app was unstable and crashed often. The UI of the original TweetDeck iPhone app lacked any sort of polish or eye candy, leaving it way behind other popular Twitter apps like the official Twitter for iPhone, HootSuite, or Twittelator.

Downloading TweetDeck 2.0 for iPhone, however, might quickly make you change your mind on the pecking order of iPhone Twitter apps. TweetDeck’s new iPhone interface looks sharp with a dark design and yellow-orange accents. The new TweetDeck app is much more stable than its predecessor.

Columns are finally a part of the TweetDeck iPhone app as well, however, they aren’t synced to your phone from the desktop version when you sign in with your TweetDeck account. You can swipe left or right on the screen to switch between columns, and create new columns with things like mentions, DMs, Searches, Lists, and pretty much any other way you can think of organizing tweets. The behavior is identical to the desktop version, but I will admit it’s not quite as effective swiping between each column to see other information. The desktop version of the app is much more effective for users with more columns than they can count.

One of the neatest new features of TweetDeck for iPhone 2.0 is the “card view” mode, which allows you to delete and rearrange your TweetDeck columns. If you pinch your fingers together on the Columns view, you will see a zoomed-out view of all of your columns that you can drag to¬†rearrange¬†and tap an X to delete. It’s similar to “Spaces” on a Mac or the Home Screens view of HTC’s Sense OS or LauncherPro on Android, and is an intuitive, easy way to organize your Twitter world on your iPhone.

Overall, TweetDeck 2.0 is a huge improvement, but it comes at a time when other Twitter apps are improving just as fast. With apps coming out like the much-raved about Tweetbot, TweetDeck is going to need to continue advancing their platform quickly if it’d like to keep up.