Use Facebook Credits to Purchase Games, Apps, Movies, and Deals

Facebook Credits are a virtual currency you can use to buy virtual goods in many games and apps on the Facebook platform. Facebook credits are primarily used for purchasing premium items and games, including the oh-so-addictive FarmVille. Recently, Facebook allowed Facebook users to start using Facebook Credits to rent movies with a test of this platform with the movie the Dark Knight. Eventually, Facebook users will also be able to use Facebook Credits to purchase real goods in the form of Facebook’s version of its new group coupon, Facebook Deals. To get started using Facebook Credits, you can purchase Facebook Credits using your credit card, PayPal, or a mobile phone.

use facebook credits to purchase games, apps, movies and dealsFacebook Credits can be purchased via the Payments tab in your Account Settings – just log in to Facebook, click on your Account tab at the top right corner, and then select Account Settings from the drop down menu. From there, select the Payments tab, and choose to either buy more Facebook Credits, view your Facebook Credits purchase history, manage your payment methods, or change your preferred currency.

Once you have purchased Facebook Credits, your Facebook Credit balance will be displayed in your Games Dashboard so you can easily monitor your Facebook Credit spending habits. If you would like to use your Facebook Credits for Facebook games, just choose from one of the dozens on Facebook’s list of games. You can also use Facebook Credits to rent the Dark Knight on Facebook using Facebook Credits — just visit the Dark Knight page and click “watch now”. You will need 30 Facebook Credits, which translates into $3 (US). Stay tuned for how you can also use Facebook Credits to pay for Facebook Deals, which is Facebook’s competitor to Groupon and Living Social-type deals. Your Facebook Credits will soon be able to pay for real goods, not just your “virtual” goods — like those FarmVille crops.