Export Firefox Bookmarks to Chrome and Other Browsers – Learn How

If you currently use Firefox as your Web browser, you may have dozens of bookmarks saved so that you can easily access your favorite Web sites. If you are now planning to switch from Firefox to either a new browser or to a new computer and don’t want to lose these bookmarks, you will want to export your bookmarks from Firefox. Depending on whether you are switching browsers or computers will depend on the method by which you export your Firefox bookmarks. Here’s how to export your Firefox bookmarks either way.

export your Firefox bookmarks using the backup option

If you are switching computers, you will want to export your Firefox bookmarks by saving them as a file that can be imported into Firefox on your new computer. Exporting your bookmarks from Firefox to use on another computer only works if you plan on using Firefox on your new computer. If you do plan on continuing to use Firefox, you can use the backup feature for bookmarks. To start this process, click the Bookmarks menu and then choose the option to Organize Bookmarks. To back up your bookmarks, choose Back up from the Import and Backup dropdown menu at the top of the Bookmarks Library widow. This will save your bookmarks as a .json file, which you can import into Firefox on any other computer. Keep in mind that importing new bookmarks will overwrite existing bookmarks on the other computer, so you may want to make a backup of those bookmarks, too, before you import your new bookmarks. When you are ready to import your bookmarks to Firefox on the new computer, simply go Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks and then click Import and Backup, choose Restore, and then select your new bookmark file.

If you want to export your Firefox bookmarks to import into another browser on the same computer, you can use the Export HTML option to export your bookmarks from Firefox. You can then use the import option in your new browser to import your Firefox bookmarks.