How to Look Like a Programming Prodigy with Hacker Typer

How to Look Like a Programming Prodigy with Hacker TyperSHALL WE PLAY A GAME?

Love to. How about Global Thermonuclear War making my nosy colleagues who are always peering over my shoulder to see what I’m up to on company time think I’m some kind of programming maestro? If it doesn’t get me a raise, at least it’ll be funny, right?


Ah, WarGames. Classic Broderick. As much as I love ’em, computers don’t really understand funny. At least not yet. So that’s why you have to pull this prank on human beings who are in the same room with you. The more snooping, inquisitive, meddlesome, tampering, intrusive, pushy, and troublesome of a busybody, the better — but really, if you’re lucky enough to not have such pestering forces in your life, this’ll be a good gag on the people who you do like. No one will be harmed in the making of this mischief, so why not share the funny with friend and foe alike?

Even if you got a D in your typing class or use the old hunt and peck method to tap out words onto your keyboard and communicate with the world, Hacker Typer will make it look like you’re punching out code with the dexterity of a Wallenda and the speed of an Andretti. Watch your coworkers thrill to your ability not only to fill up your monitor with an endless supply of really impressive strings and variables and numbers and functions and suchlike, but to do so at a heretofore unseen speed of 23,099,092 words per minute (that’ll really spruce up the old resume, too. Maybe don’t pull this with your boss, or you may need it sooner than you think)!

You don’t even have to install anything onto your hard drive; all you need is an Internet connection, a browser, and a devious love of hi-jinx prank pulling. Hacker Typer can be found at Go. Play. Enjoy!

This track that best accompanies this trick is Kraftwerk’s It’s More Fun to Compute.