Top Five Reasons to Use Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is the hottest new way for social media addicts to connect with other people, businesses, and celebrities alike. Some have called it a game, and others just a social network. I initially called it just another social media metric like Klout. But like thousands of others now addicted and obsessed with Empire Avenue – I’ve seen the light. So why should you start using Empire Avenue? Here are my top five reasons:

05. Farmville is so last year. Actually, Empire Avenue is nothing like FarmVille. This new social network utilizes game mechanics to help connect you with new people, business, brands, musicians, etc, but the underscore is on the network and not the game. Empire Avenue is designed to reward your investment in social media with “eaves” that can be used to invest in other profiles. Though you can play this is a purley a game to get rich off of a virtual currency, the extremely low signal to noise ratio at the moment suggest that using these “eaves” to continually invest in others as a way to directly communicate with name brands and “celebrities” would be more idea. That said, if you really are looking for a way to kill time, we’re sure you abandoned your FarmVille crops long ago.

04. Empire Avenue is the new Twitter. A great blog post from Victoria Harres of @PRNewswire highlights that Empire Avenue feels like Twitter from 2008; there is an extremely low signal to noise ratio. People and businesses are signing up on Empire Avenue and actually communicating on a human level with other members. Empire Avenue members are investing just a few shares in others to receive the opportunity to leave a “shout out” and connect on a personal level. Yesterday, I connected with Scott Monty, Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company. Although we share dozens of mutual connections, I had not yet had an opportunity to introduce myself. Empire Avenue made making that connection easy. There are no barriers to saying “hello” – and like with Twitter, your message will be seen.

top five reasons to use empire avenue03. Empire Avenue is not a score. I initially ragged on Empire Avenue for creating, what I thought, was just another version of Klout. Empire Avenue is actually evolving in a social network that integrates a way to understand the true influence of other profiles – be it a brand, a band, a business, a social media expert, or just your friends. Each profile breaks down social media activity by Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, blog activity, and YouTube uploads. (Empire Avenue is planning to offer FourSquare integration soon.) Not only is Empire Avenue a place to connect with the best and brightest of social media (or, just with those you admire and respect in the real world) but a hub to truly analyze who is actually walking their talk.

02. Empire Avenue is a great way to procrastinate. There’s procrastinating looking at comics by the Oatmeal, and there’s procrastinating, avoiding real work by doing something else totally unrelated thats actually productive. Empire Avenue is a great way to meet people outside of your normal professional or social circles. Empire Avenue comes loaded with communities to meet new people with like minded interests. Buying into their profiles – even with just a few shares – to meet and say hello is a perfect segway to connecting either on other social networks, such as Facebook – or even creating a larger conversation. Buying a few shares in someone interesting only takes a few seconds, but could lead to a much longer and more impactful connection.

01. Empire Avenue can help you get a job. This follows up to #02. Using Empire Avenue – especially as a social media expert or social media manager for a brand – can demonstrate your effectiveness and ability to lead a community. Shannon Morgan, manager of the exclusive Facebook group #SocialEmpire, which offers Empire Avenue tips and tricks (call it insider trading, if you will), was quickly invested in by a local business looking for a social media manager soon after the launch of Empire Avenue. After connecting on Facebook, the business and Shannon met for coffee where the job was offered. Though similar situations happen through other social networks, Shannon demonstrated Empire Avenue is already as powerful at connecting people and companies as any other.

To start playing Empire Avenue,Β sign up for Empire Avenue at Have fun!