How to Edit a Facebook Comment

Facebook users who have ever left an errant or grammatically inappropriate comment now have a way to quickly edit a comment. Facebook has enabled a feature allowing Facebook users to edit a comment left on a news feed story of wall post by clicking the “x” button within the first few seconds after posting their comment. Previously, Facebook users could only delete the comment and submit a new comment, which would allow Facebook users to publicly correct comments posted on other Facebook profiles or Facebook pages. Other Facebook users would receive notifications twice, however, along with email notifications each time the comment was posted.

With this new feature that allows Facebook users to edit a comment, the recipient of the comment will only receive one Facebook notification, but will continue to receive an email notification for each version of the comment if the recipient of the comment has email notifications enabled each time. This means that your Facebook friend, or the owner of the Facebook page, will see the original version of your Facebook comment — no matter how quickly you decide to edit the Facebook comment.

edit a facebook comment after posting to news feed story of wall postAdditionally, Facebook enabled real-time commenting in February, meaning that any Facebook user looking at the page you are commenting on will immediately see your original comment as soon as you post it. If you want to edit your comment, you can still do so, but anyone viewing the page containing the comment will have already seen the original version of the comment and will only see the edited version if they refresh your Facebook friend’s profile or the Facebook page containing the comment thread.

Another thing to also note about this new feature  is that if anyone has posted a comment after you, you cannot edit your comment. Even though you only have about 12 seconds to click the “x” to edit your comment, you will want to move particularly quickly if your comment is part of a fast-moving conversation on Facebook and you want to edit your Facebook comment.