Apple Customer Care Checks the Pulse Of Apple Customers

Apple sent my wife an email invitation to join its Apple Customer Care program. The program is designed to assess a customer’s reaction to their purchase of an Apple product. In my wife’s case the Apple product she owns is her Apple iPad, which is the first Apple product we have purchased. We have always been a family of PC users, but the iPad I purchased for her as a gift has been a source of delight for her.

The survey, which took her about five minutes to complete, is not the only survey she will be receiving. Apple has asked if she would be willing to receive additional surveys in the future, which she gladly accepted. Apple seems to be concerned with both how its customers use its products and how satisfied the customer is.

Though this type of customer service survey is not new, it is refreshing to know that Apple, even when riding a crest of popularity, still cares what its customers think. My wife had nothing but praises for her iPad but added that iTunes was not very usable in her opinion. She has found it easier to Google for a specific application than to try and find it on iTunes.

According to a recent Nielson survey, Apple commands an 84% market share in the tablet computer market. This impressive lead can be maintained if Apple continues to be innovative in its product design and function. Using customer surveys is a great way for the company to check the pulse of its customers and find out what they like and dislike about their products.

What makes the Apple iPad so popular? It is intuitive and easy to use. I am currently using Google’s Cr-48 to type this in the cloud at Google Docs. While the Cr-48 works best for me, the Apple iPad is just fun to use.

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