Color Code Your Events in Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an easy to keep track of your professional and personal lives. With Google calendar you can keep track of meetings on your own work calendar, manage your boss’ calendar, import events from your Facebook calendar, and even see what your parents and siblings are up to if your family is technically savvy enough to share. With each Google calendar you watch, you can set a unique color for the calendar to easily differentiate between the calendars. Until recently, there was no way to set a specific event as a different color.

Google Calendar now features color coded events, which allow you to assign specific colors to certain events. You can assign all your meetings at work to red, make your weekly kickball games green, or make sure you don’t miss a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy by changing the color of the TV show on you calendar to (what else?) gray. It’s a great way to stay organized, keep track of recurring events, and add a little flair to your calendar.

color code your google calendar eventsTo get started color coding your Google Calendar, just click the box to the left of the title in the event pop-up or choose a color from the color picker on the event page. You can change to another event color or switch back to your calendar’s original color by repeating the same steps. If you would like to color code an event that’s part of a recurring series – such as your weekly kickball games – you will have the option to change the color of either a single event in the series (such as tomorrow’s game) or all events (such as the entire season.)

Keep in mind that if you edit an event by changing the time, the date, or the title, and opt to change only “Following Events,” you will not be able to color the entire series of events at a later date. This is because by selecting “Following Events” your recurring series actually becomes separated out into two recurring series: one for before the change, and one for after the change. Also, color coding is private to you and anybody who can edit your calendar. People with whom you share your calendar will not be able to see the colors you’ve assigned to events unless you give them “Makes changes and manage sharing” rights to your calendar. You can make these privacy changes by clicking “Settings” beneath the calendar you share, and clicking the “Shared: Edit settings” link to the right of the calendar you share.