How to Save a Phone from a Drop in the Toilet

As I was visiting the ladies’ room one afternoon last week, the person in the stall next to me was multi-tasking. Yes! Going to the bathroom and talking on their phone at the same time. Of course this got me thinking… not only about the sanitary issues of doing this but also about the potential for dropping your phone (or other device) into the toilet. What if you drop your phone in the water? Can you save it?

Apparently this has happened to many, many people before and there is a trick to saving your device. Although not a very high tech solution, people swear that it works and can save you some major headaches.

How to Save a Phone from a Drop in the Toilet
Photo courtesy of fletchy182

So what do you need to recover your device? You need one Ziploc bag along with a cup of instant rice. If you frequently use your device near water, you may want to have these items handy in your car or office in case of emergency.

If you accidentally drop your phone into water or other liquid or if you spill liquid on it, here is what you need to do. First of all, do not rinse it out under a tap. This will only make things worse. Flip the device over onto its face on a towel (or paper towel) to drain out the liquid. Start taking the device apart and put each piece, including the battery, into the Ziploc bag with uncooked rice. Seal the bag shut (Ziploc bags come with a seal) and let it sit for several hours. Next, remove all the pieces from the bag, blow off any rice particles, and reassemble the device. Power the device back on.

According to those who have had liquid emergencies and either dropped or spilled on their devices, this works 99% of the time. You can even use this technique with electronic devices.

Or, you can use my technique: avoid taking your phone to the washroom!