Checkthis Lets You Write More Than a Tweet, Less Than a Blog

When you’ve got something to say, sometimes 140 characters is not enough. Sometimes you need a picture, a video, or just a little more space to work with. A blog post might be too long — or too cumbersome to set up just for a quick message. And sometimes, you don’t need your announcement to stick around on the Internet until the end of time.

Services like solve this problem for personal profiles, but what if there was a happy medium between micro-blogging and self-publishing a memoir on WordPress? Introducing Checkthis — a Web-based app that describes itself as something “between nothing and a blog.” Founder and designer of Checkthis, Frédéric della Faill, built Checkthis because currently “our main channels are Twitter and Facebook, and every day we have things to share. Fast.” Checkthis provides a way for people to share things quickly in a form that is “somewhere between and storytelling platforms like Storify… helping you to share beautiful stand-alone pages with your friends, family, and followers. [There’s] no need to set up a blog that readers would expect you to keep updating. Just publish and share the link in seconds,” explains Frédéric.

checkthis lets you create a one page post that expiresCheckthis is currently in beta, but at full launch signing up will be as simple as signing into Twitter. There is no back-end setup from there, and you can choose to make your page temporary or permanent, public or private. To create your content, simply add a title, add content, embed video, pictures, or widgets (such as a comment box), and choose your page properties, such as whether you want the page public or hidden — so that only those with the link to the page can access it — and when you want the page to expire. Checkthis also features the ability to choose from a palette of color themes, as well as change the background. (You can even upload your own background image.)

Checkthis is ideal for announcements for parties, gatherings, events, or — like the intro video at suggests — finding a lost pet (which could also be useful for finding a lost phone). Where services like and provide a simple page for personal profiles, Checkthis offers an equally simple solution when you have something to say, but don’t need an entire blog with a CMS backend to say it. And, of course, Checkthis offers an easy way to share your page on Twitter and Facebook so you can tell all your friends — and so they can spread the word, too. Checkthis offers basic statistics to see how many times your pages have been viewed.

Checkthis is currently in private beta, but LockerGnome readers can get early access by signing up for the closed beta here.  Once you’ve tried Checkthis, let us know what you think in the comments!