Simple Web Site Builder for Windows

For most people, the idea of creating a Web site of their very own is rather daunting. Understandably so, considering the sheer amount of design considerations and skill required to create a new Web site; most people are left to the entry level services provided over the Internet that often leave them with regrets. I believe the best approach to learning something new is to fall into it like a guy jumping through a glass window. But like any good stunt man will tell you, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a little help along the way with the right equipment. In the case of creating a Web site, this type of help would come from decent software.

Introducing Website Realizer

Simple Website Builder For Windows

Without question, Website Realizer is a usable and reliable Web site creation tool. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s the best software that I’ve tried, but it’s pretty darned good for entry level Web site creation, nonetheless. Where Realizer does well is in providing me with usable template options right out of the box. Best of all, the app even provides additional templates without me needing to open up a separate browser window, which is a nice touch other applications within the space sometimes lose sight of.

Changing existing template elements is also a snap — something I was impressed with. What I loved about it is that mistakes are avoided by forcing the user to double click and open a new dialog to make text element changes. The same thing applies to working with image elements, as well. The text dialog provides you with a mini-word processor so you can quickly and easily create the sort of font elements you have in your head. With the image dialog, the same thing applies. Change image dynamics and select the source linkage you want. In all instances, the provided experience is simple and very newbie friendly.

Downsides to the software

I really would have loved to see less of the repetition. Adding the same functionality both in the file pull-down menus and the icons in the toolbar is too much. Making the application feel like Internet Explorer 6 at the top isn’t a smart longer term strategy, either.

Another thing that is an ongoing hassle with most WYSIWYG editors is the need to put the App/Preview/HTML tabs at the bottom. This needs to be above the display, but below the tabs for the pages you have open such as Index/Template/etc. This way users on small screens such as netbooks aren’t kicking themselves for creating Web page software that allows for this.

Everything said and done, Website Realizer isn’t too bad. Would I personally recommend buying it? Maybe. I would try out a few other competing applications first to make sure the provided workflow makes sense to you personally.  But the templates provided aren’t half bad and not being left to “find” them on your own is a huge bonus in my mind.