How to Tag a Friend in a Facebook Post

Facebook makes it easy to share what you are doing and where you are going with friends and family by posting a status update. Facebook also features the ability to “tag” your updates to include your Facebook friends, making it easy to directly associate your activities with the friends you do them with in context. When you tag a Facebook friend in a Facebook post, their name will turn into a link that goes to their Facebook profile, and your post will appear on their Facebook profile.

tag a friend on a facebook postTo tag a friend in a Facebook post, you’ll be able to select their name by typing the @ symbol followed immediately by their name, which will trigger Facebook to offer a drop down list of Facebook friends from which you can select your friend’s name. You can start typing your friend’s name using a capital letter, and Facebook will automatically offer the dropdown list from which you can select their name, too. You may need to keep typing to help Facebook find the correct Facebook friend. For example, if I need to find my friend “Kristina,” I need to type the first few letters of her name to help Facebook find her name. Just typing “K” won’t do it.

Facebook also features the ability to shorten your friends’ names when you tag them in a Facebook post. If you just want to include a post about how excited you are to see your friends at a party this weekend, you can tag each of your friends; but as you tag each friend, you can remove the end or beginning of the tag, such as your friend’s first or last name. You can’t remove a middle name, though — only adjacent names can be removed. This feature is particularly useful for including and tagging a list of friends in a Facebook post while keeping the post as short possible.