Now You Can Share on Facebook with a Friend or Group

The Facebook share button has always been an easy way to post an interesting blog post or story from a third-party site, or from a Facebook page, directly to your Facebook wall. Now you can share your favorite blog posts and articles with friends and groups as Facebook has added more features to the Share button. With the new feature you can choose to share content to a group’s wall or a specific friend’s wall instead of just publishing the content  to your own wall or via Facebook message.

To share a post on a third-party site, such as a blog, with a friend or group, just find a blog post you want to share and click the Share button like you normally would. In the popup that appears, click On your own Wall next to Share at the top. From the drop down menu you can now select from a list that includes On a friend’s wall, which will then prompt you to type in your friend’s name, or In a group, which will prompt you to type in the group name. Choosing specific people to receive the content you find interesting, instead of posting it to your wall, will help you target friends who you think will find the content you are sharing especially relevant. It will also help make sure your friends and group members don’t miss the content you share in the sea of other posts that clutter their newsfeeds. By posting directly to their Walls, your friends are sure not to miss the content you share.

The share feature within Facebook also now works the same way. When you click to share an interesting post on a Facebook page, you can select to share the post directly to a specific friend’s page or to a group. In the popup, click On your own wall next to Share, and then select whether you want to publish the story to On a friend’s Wall or In a group. You will need to type in a friend’s name, or a group name — but keep in mind you can’t type Share a story with more than one friend or group for now.