How to Set Up Your Own Online Store with Goodsie

Entrepreneurship is the new American way, and a new service from the makers of personal brand profile pages wants to help small business owners succeed with 2.0 media. Existing online shopping markets exist, but Goodsie offers a cost-effective online storefront that is easy to set up — no coding is required. Merchants can offer customers options to pay with PayPal, Google Checkout, and/or Amazon Payments, and current merchants sell almost anything from music to art to clothes to candy. And yes, you read that right: you can even sell digital products like MP3s. Goodsie integrates with Fetch so you can sell and deliver digital products.

To use Goodsie, simply sign up and add a product. Give it a title, describe it, choose a price, the quantity, and image, and then rinse and repeat. You can then pick your payment process, such as PayPal or Google Checkout. Once you’re done with the product, you can choose a title for your store, and just like profiles, you can select from a variety of typefaces, sizes, and styles. Goodsie also features the option to choose the design of your store, allowing you to select from pre-defined color palettes or your own. You can even upload your own background and choose from a variety of layout themes. Once the store is all set up, customers can easily pay for your item, and you can easily track products, orders, and visitor statistics.

There should be an image here!Goodsie is free for the first 30 days, and then $15/month thereafter. While this may sound like a bit more than other sites, like Etsy, Goodsie does not charge any transaction fees. There is also something to be said for using Goodsie to establish your store’s own brand recognition. Not only can you use your own URL for a seamlessly branded storefront, but customers who purchase items on Goodsie will recognize items from the store as your brand, not as something they “got on Etsy,” which is often the case with Etsy purchases as recognized in an article recently at Smaller Box.

Goodsie, like profiles, can be simple, fast, and fun to set up. In addition to the basic customization options, Goodsie offers custom pages to give shoppers additional info about products and all new updates, such as layouts or fonts, available for all Goodsie users. Goodsie also offers a strong support team in case you have any problems, and all transactions on your store are 128-bit SSL encrypted.

If you’re a small business owner, what do you think about Goodsie? Will you use it to sell products, or will you stick with other, more established marketplaces?