How to Kick a Spammer out of a Facebook Group

Facebook’s new version of Facebook Groups features the ability for users to create and join Facebook Groups, and this includes privacy options that allow users in groups to communicate with each other more effectively. Information can be shared with other Facebook users by posting updates and links to the group, notifying all group members of new messages and updates automatically. Facebook group members can also use the new Groups to send messages to only group members with just a few clicks. Facebook Groups are also designed for group chats using the Facebook chat feature. Unfortunately, since anyone can join a Facebook group, people who don’t really belong in your group, like spammers, can infiltrate and annoy other members. As a result, you may want to kick a spammer out of your Facebook group — or at least remove their spammy postings.

How to Kick a Spammer out of a Facebook GroupTo delete particular posts that are spam, simply hover over the spammy post on your group’s wall on Facebook and move the cursor over to the top right of the comment and an X will appear. Click on the X and from the drop-down menu select Mark as Spam. This will flag the post as well as delete it.

You can also remove the person who is spamming your group and block them from joining your group again. First, go to the group page and look for the list of members, and then click on See All. Then, type in the first few letters of their name to find the spammer. Hover over the name like before and click on the X. A box will pop up to confirm you want to remove the person from the group. Before you hit Confirm, though, make sure you check the box at the bottom to Ban Permanently. The spammer will now be kicked out of your group and prevented from joining your group ever again.