How to Unsubscribe from Emails and Apps with

It’s easy to get sucked into subscribing to dozens of email lists. Every time I purchase something at a retail store, I get asked for my email address with the promise of Specials! Coupons! Super-Secret Discounts! Knowing how easy it is to just delete an email (in theory), I sign up — especially now that more stores are allowing customers to type in their email addresses themselves. Over the years I’ve come to realize that I’ve signed up for hundreds of mailing lists, meaning I wake up every morning with 50 emails with these Specials! Coupons! Etc.! that I don’t care about. It’s a pain to unsubscribe to each, so I end up taking five minutes every day to delete them.

unsubscribe from apps and email with unsubscribe.comNot only have I accumulated subscriptions to emails, but I have also granted permission to dozens of apps on Facebook and Twitter that I have slowly lost control of. Knowing that people like me have given up at the thought of gaining back control, a new app at is striving to undo all the damage from these apps and emails by helping consumers get rid of this clutter. features the ability to check your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter permissions to see which apps you have granted permission to, and at what level, indicating potential threats and which ones you haven’t used in years (and so you should probably remove). You can easily remove any app right from, and even if you have dozens of apps, the process takes under five minutes. also features a free browser plugin to not only help monitor your social networks, but also helps you easily unsubscribe from email lists while using Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! With a single click on a button (in addition to simply selecting the emails from the lists to which you no longer want to subscribe), you will be removed from all the email lists bogging down your inbox. also features similar buttons for BlackBerry, Outlook, Windows Mail, Windows Live, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird. There’s also an option to forward unwanted email to, and it’ll take care of the rest. makes it incredibly easy for anyone who uses email to clear out all the mailing list clutter, as well as keep privacy intact for anyone who uses a social network. If you have tried out, let us know what you think in the comments.